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AWEC 2010

Greetings from Chairperson of AWEC

Welcome to the very first Asian Women’s Economic and Business Conference! We hope this will be only the first of many AWEC events as our network grows.

Following twenty years in the news bureau of a TV station in Tokyo, where I directed informational programs on finance and economy, I traveled extensively throughout Asia and found that many countries in Asia had experienced an enormous period of economic growth after the millennium. I came to realize that the 21st century is an era of an expanding globalization of people, goods and capital. I was also inspired by many businesspeople who work persistently across borders.

If driven primarily by domestic demand, Japan’s economic future could become increasingly uncertain. Therefore, it would seem necessary for us to turn our attention to developing countries in Asia whose consumption of and demand for goods, capital and services are ever-increasing. With so much ongoing growth throughout Asia, there ought to be numerous opportunities for us to offer Japanese technologies, products and services, while at the same time we are very likely to find products and services that stimulate Japan’s domestic demand in each Asian country.

AWEC has been organized to explore this possibility. We will analyze each Asian country’s economic situation and consumer spending, and we will forecast the direction of its economy from a women’s perspective, as the leading consumers of these countries. In order to learn more about the world’s largest markets, China and India, as well as the current economic situation in each Asian country, and to work together toward a global co-existence and co-prosperity, we would like to expand our women’s network.

We welcome anyone who agrees with our goals to join us during this first AWEC event, and I hope our network will grow along with the expanding Asian market. Your participation is greatly appreciated!
Noriko Maki

アジア女性経済会議実行委員長  槇 徳子
Bio of Noriko Maki

President & Media Consultant, Maki Communication Strategy Co., Ltd.
 - Organize and execute seminars for financial institutions targeting individual investors
 - Moderate panel discussions with economic and financial experts at events for investors
  sponsored by several major financial companies
 - Write articles related to alternative investment markets such as real estate,
  contemporary art and commodities, based on interviews with foreign investors
  and business owners and deliver these to the Nikkei Group

Former Anchor, TV Tokyo, Economic News Division
 - Anchored two live financial programs following daily closing of Tokyo Stock Exchange,
  and early morning financial program following daily closing of NYSE & NASDAQ

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