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AWEC 2010

Keynote Speech


「Historical Paradigm Shift
~ Requires Women's Potential and Opportunity ~」
呉 文繍(Sandra Wo)氏
Sandra Wu
After working for Nomura Security Co. in Hong Kong, Assume the President of Kaneman Security Co.,and Japan Asia Security Co.
Has assumed the President of Kokusai Kogyo Holdings. 2009

Panel Discussion


「Emerging Asian Economies Create Huge Consumption Markets
and Lead the Global Economy」
~ Consumption Trends and News from Markets around Asia ~
霍 虹(Iris Hon)氏
Iris Hong (China):
Executive Vice President, Cino Monitor International, Inc.
- Master's Degree, Tokyo Industrial University (1998)
 Thesis: Quantitative Analysis of Customer Satisfaction
- Analyst, NTT Communications, Japan (2003)
- Executive Vice President, Cino Monitor International
 (One of China’s oldest marketing survey companies,
 covering more than 50 mid-sized & large cities in China)
- Currently resides in Beijing

Reshma Jain氏
Reshma Jain (India):
Managing Editor, MARWAR
- Managing Editor of multiple luxury fashion magazines in India
- Solid understanding of contemporary Japanese fashion and design
- Indian fashion trendsetter via magazines
- Talented at traditional Indian cultural activities such as singing and numerology

遠藤 明子氏
Akiko Endo (US/South East Asia):
CEO, Portfolio1, Inc.
- Fashion Designer
- Lived in NYC from the early 1970’s, Head of NY Branch of Tokyu Department Store().
- Started a new Personal Care Products Company focused on holistic healing after 9/11
- Travels to Labs & Factories in Thailand and Cambodia for her business

小原 隆子氏
Takako Ohara

- Lived in Boston after graduating college, worked for Arther Andersen, Tokyo.
- Broadcastor for Radio Nikkei.
- Moved to Hong Kong in 2008, and has been watching consumption trends in several cities in Asia.

モデレーター 福本 容子氏
Yoko Fukumoto
Editor' in Chief',
Mainichi Newspaper co., Ltd.
司会進行 矢吹 藍子氏
Aiko Yabuki
Bilingual Broadcaster

Special Speech


「The Simultaneous Growth of Asian Consumption and Japan's Economy」
山下 裕子氏
Yuko Yamashita(Japan)
Associate Professor, Hitotsubashi University

April 1997- present
Associate Professor Graduate School of Commerce and Management December 2004-August 2006
Visiting Fellow Department of Sociology, Princeton University

Major Publications:
「Branding in China」, Toyokeizai shinposha, 2006 co-authored with Hitotsubashi BIC Project Team

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