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AWEC’s Chairperson

In 2009 we held the 1st "Asian Women’s Economic and Business Conference (AWEC)“ to create a borderless platform in which to exchange information and promote an economical coexistence amongst Asian countries.

We invited business women playing an active role in the forefront of their respective countries and shared recognition of the wonderful economic development and remarkable economic globalization in developing countries and, with a particular focus on ‘consumption’ a subject women know very well, we exchanged our opinions on trends in the Asian markets. Thank you to everyone who joined the conference, it was a great success. We were highly praised and subsequently invited to help the 2010 APEC informal assembly WLN subcommittee New Business workshop sponsored by the Gender Equality Bureau of the Cabinet Office.

So in this, the second year, with new ideas and values appropriate to a ‘borderless age’ as the base, we’d like to create a platform to share the future objectives and strategies of business people who create and recreate business, and share actual experiences of the obstacles to advancing businesses into overseas markets.

As Asian nations continue to strengthen in the global economy, the recognition and success of Japanese technology, products and services in this huge market relies on building borderless face-to-face relationships and proactively exchanging information to understand the needs of Asian markets.

I also believe that the route to not only the survival of the Japanese economy but also the co-existence and co-prosperity is governments and people of Asia building a relationship of mutual support for overseas business development. I hope this conference will help everyone with their strategic plans in Asia.

Thank you for all your guidance and support.
Noriko Maki

アジア女性経済会議実行委員長  槇 徳子
Asian Women’s Economic and Business Conference
Founder Noriko Maki ‘s Profile

Graduated from Keio University’s department of literature and department of law. Joined Central Japan Broadcasting Company in 1988 and then became Television Tokyo’s main news caster on "Morning Satellite", " News & Market Eleven" and "Stocks Wide Closing Bell" (April 2004- July2007). Also presented on other WBS programs.

After retiring in 2007, worked as a PR consultant for listed financial companies increasing their client base and also whilst collecting the latest financial and economic information from overseas, deepened her relationships with entrepreneurs especially developing Asian countries.

In 2008 became a columnist for Nikkei Money’s ‘World Investors’ and Nikkei Veritas Online ‘Market to Market’.

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